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Cover Illustrations for the Pulp Series Maddrax, 2000


Maddrax, Götter und Barbaren

Götter und Barbaren

Maddrax is a German pulp series published biweekly by Bastei since 2000. The series is a genre mixture of science-fiction, horror and fantasy and evolves around the former United Air Force pilot Matthew Drax who has been transported some 500 years into a post-apocalyptic future.

In addition to the black-and-white title page, used till vol. 100, I contributed two cover illustrations, according to the editor’s descriptions.

The authors of these two novels are Jo Zybell (vol. 10) and Bernd Frenz (vol. 22).

More on Maddrax in the Maddrax Wiki or in a current Deutschlandfunk post.

Covers: © Bastei Lübbe




Cover illustrations for Atlan comic books, 1995/96


Atlan is one of the main characters in the science fiction pulp series Perry Rhodan and the title hero of the Atlan series, which has been published intermittently and in various form since 1969. These three hardcover albums, reprints of three volumes of  the comic series Perry – Unser Mann im All were published by Hans Joachim Bernt Verlag in a limited edition of 800 copies in 1996/97. The paintings (the only case in which a publisher bought not only the publishing rights, but also the original artwork) may show that I am more familiar with ancient Egyptian gods than with spaceships …

Cover: © HJB Verlag

Cover Illustrations for the Pulp Series Professor Zamorra, Part 1, 1991–94

Professor Zamorra, Lucifuge Rofocale

Satans Amulett

Almost half of my pulp novel cover illustrations (26 paintings) were used for the Horror/Fantasy/SciFi series Professor Zamorra. My first published color illustration was Fenrirs Wacht (painted in 1991, published in 1993). Except this gouache all pictures are oil paintings on cardboard, approximately 40 x 50 cm. In most cases the novels were inspired by prior pictures. The covers illustrations for vol. 546, 590 and 596 were based on short descriptions the main writer back then, Werner Kurt Giesa, gave me.

My favourite among these twelve paintings is the one for Satans Amulett, influenced by the brothers Hildebrandt and their use of warm and cold light sources within each picture.

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