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Illustrations for the Pulp Series Dämonenland , Part 1, 1991–93

One of two application illustrations for Dämonenland. In 1991 I was in my "long nose period".

In 1991 I applied as second illustrator, besides Thorsten Krächan, for the horror pulp series Dämonenland (Demon Land), and I got the job, actually my first one. The series was a new edition of the best horror pulp novels originally published by Bastei and others within the last 20 years. The series was compiled and mentored by the editor Michael Schönenbröcher.

In the first year my drawings were really not that good, in 1992 they got better, and in 1993 my manner changed quite suddenly. In retrospective, I can only guess that happened in part because I discovered Virgil Finlay around that time, an illustrator I admired and still admire deeply and whose combination of cross hatching, pointillism  and pure black and white areas served as a role model for my own technique.

Till the end of the series in 1996 I drew round about 160 illustrations. More here.

Overview of all Dämonenland booklets at gruselromane.de.

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