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Illustrations for Der Hexer von Salem: Das Labyrinth von London (The Warlock of Salem: The Labyrinth of London) by Wolfgang Hohlbein, 1996


Wolfgang Hohlbein, Der Hexer von Salem: Das Labyrinth von London

Chapter vignette

The novel is part of Wolfgang Hohlbeins Lovecraft-inspired book series Der Hexer von Salem (The Warlock of Salem). It was published in paperback by Bastei Lübbe in 1996 and included 15 full-page illustrations and a chapter vignette.





Illustrations for Der Weg nach Thule (The Way to Thule) by Wolfgang Hohlbein


Wolfgang Hohlbein, Der Weg nach Thule

Chapter vignette

The Way to Thule is the fourth and last volume of the juvenile book series Kevin of Locksley, published in hardcover by Bastei Lübbe (illustrations for volume 2 and 3 here). The announced fifth book, The Pyramids of Azlan, wasn’t realized.




Illustrations for Der Ritter von Alexandria (The Knight of Alexandria) und Die Druiden von Stonehenge (The Druids of Stonehenge) by Wolfgang Hohlbein, 1994/95

The books, published in hardcover by Bastei Lübbe, are the second and third part of the juvenile book series Kevin of Locksley, which takes place in the 12th century; the eponymous protagonist is Robins Hood’s half brother.
The first volume (Kevin of Locksley) was illustrated by Christian Turk. Because he wasn’t able to finish the illustrations for the second one (The Knight of Alexandria), I stepped in and provided, in addition to the already drawn pictures, four more (among them the first two images in the gallery above). Later on I illustrated the third  book (The Druids of Stonehenge) and the fourth  (The Way to Thule) with 12 drawings each.

Illustrations for the Horror Pulp Series Dämonenland , Part 2, 1994–96

From 1991 till 1996 I drew about 160 illustrations for the horror pulp series Dämonenland, published by Bastei (more here). In the beginning I shared the job with Thorsten Krächan, after he had left I did it exclusively. In addition, four oil paintings were used as cover illustrations.
Overview of all Dämonenland booklets at gruselromane.de.


Cover Illustrations for John Sinclair and Other Pulp Series, 1993–95

John Sinclair, Aibons böse Diener

John Sinclair vol. 960

The cover illustration for John Sinclair, the most popular German horror pulp series, was originally created for a paperback, Andrew Neiderman’s thriller The Solomon Organization, but finally not used for the book. It’s my only regular John Sinclair cover. In addition, six original Professor Zamorra and Dämonenland cover images were used for the John Sinclair Special Edition, six more pictures were re-used for the horror series Grusel-Schocker.

The  two cover illustrations for the miniseries Raven by Wolfgang Hohlbein were originally painted for Professor Zamorra and Zaubermond’s Dan Shocker Edition.

The ghostly piper, my only cover in the so called “Frauen-Grusel” section, was a commissioned work painted according to a description.

Black and white illustrations for John Sinclair paperbacks here (part 1 of 4).

All the above series can be found at gruselromane.de.

Cover: © Bastei Lübbe