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Illustrations for a John Sinclair Anniversary Paperback Edition, Part 1 (Vol. 1–4), 1992

John Sinclair, Der Blutgraf

Bd. 2/7

In 1992 I started to illustrate the John Sinclair paperback edition . Each book included 8 pulp novels from the original horror booklet series by Jason Dark (Helmut Rellergerd).

When the first commission came, I had to deal with it under intense time pressure, because the decision to publish the books with illustrations was made at the very last moment. I had to do 32 drawings within two weeks, reading and research (in the pre-internet days!) included. The interior illustrations replaced the original color covers but were created independently from their predecessors.

The original drawings for the the first four books are missing, I have only a few copies and the books left.

Till 1999 I illustrated 21 John Sinclair paperbacks with 169 drawings. More in part 2, 3 and 4 .

Overview of all John Sinclair books at gruselromane.de.


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