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Cover Illustrations for the Pulp Series Maddrax, 2000


Maddrax, Götter und Barbaren

Götter und Barbaren

Maddrax is a German pulp series published biweekly by Bastei since 2000. The series is a genre mixture of science-fiction, horror and fantasy and evolves around the former United Air Force pilot Matthew Drax who has been transported some 500 years into a post-apocalyptic future.

In addition to the black-and-white title page, used till vol. 100, I contributed two cover illustrations, according to the editor’s descriptions.

The authors of these two novels are Jo Zybell (vol. 10) and Bernd Frenz (vol. 22).

More on Maddrax in the Maddrax Wiki or in a current Deutschlandfunk post.

Covers: © Bastei Lübbe




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