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Artwork for the CD Intimacy by Psyche, 1993

Intimacy: Lyrics: Darrin C. Huss, Layout: Marianne von Allesch (SPV Graphics), © SPV Recordings, 1994; Misguided Angels: © Artoffact Records, 2000

Psyche are a Canadian dark synth-pop band, now based in Germany. In the 80’s they became well known with “Unveiling the Secret” and other songs. Psyche are centered on singer Darrin C. Huss who has been the only constant member, with various line-ups including his brother Stephen Huss, later followed by other musicians. Darrin used to live in Kassel for a while where I got to know him in 1993.

The collaboration for the album Intimacy was of huge importance for me because, amongst other reasons, I knew and loved the album Unveiling the Secret since the late 80’s. To draw the illustrations, I had the lyrics, but I don’t remember if I knew the music yet. In 2000 three drawings were re-used for the specially-compiled Canadian release Misguided Angels.

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