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Title Page for the Pulp Series 2012 – Das Jahr der Apokalypse, 2011


Maya Vignetten

Maya vignettes

2012 – Das Jahr der Apokalypse (The Year of the Apocalypse) is an adventure/mystery pulp mini-series published by Bastei since September 6, 2011. It deals with the apocalypse allegedly predicted by the Mayan calendar.

To create the ink drawing for the interior title page (The so called “Rota-Seite”) I was given a series synopsis, a list of possible subjects and a few compulsory subjects: the Maya plaque and stele, the Easter Island statue and some Central American pyramids (I chose Uxmal and Chichen Itza). The first sketch was improved according to further suggestions by the editor, Michael Schönenbröcher. The vignettes are used as chapter headers.

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Rota-Seite: © Bastei-Lübbe